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Premarital Counselling

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Premarital counselling is an important part of marriage before even taking the leap. It's an opportunity to draft the future you hope for with your significant other and in some cases discovering a few traits to expect before jumping the broom. Unfortunately, this counselling does not prepare you at all for some of the emotional swamps you will have to wade through on course to death-do-us-part. What compromises the emotional swamps? We're glad you asked.

Building trust is one. If you haven't already started this process before taking the leap then you may be in for a rude awakening because trust is one of the key components of marriage. When you make that decision to walk the rest of your life with someone else you are committing to a "no-matter-what" life where a flawed person grabs a hold of your heart and can choose to do whatever the please with it.

Financial stability is another. Money is understood to be one of top 10 reasons couples don't make it out of the gate of marriage (take a listen to a podcast on Relationships and Money and its complexity by Ti and the TParty). You may both have dreams and aspirations but lack the fortitude and togetherness to spend correctly and save wisely. We have many regrets in this area but have fortunately started mapping our way out and taking the necessary.

Another, and the one we would like to hone in on is Interference from Parents. We figure this would be a great starting point on this MNW journey because not only have we had our fair share of interference but are certainly had no clue at how devastating it was going into marriage. Here's a discussion we had over Parental interference and an idea that was birthed.


  1. Do you agree with the idea?

  2. How do you think it would work?

  3. What are some experiences you have witnessed/lived on parental interference early on in your marriage?

  4. Did you make it through? If NO inbox us we would love to listen and share how we started figuring it out.   

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