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Why are you blocking?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

I had the wonderful privilege of joining a group of amazing people the other day for Bible Study. It was extremely encouraging to discuss and hear other fellow believers' opinions and experiences in our walk of faith. 

It was capped off with the most enlightening discussion I've ever had with a complete stranger. We had been asked to pray for each other over areas of worry that had hindered each of us from committing to God's call. So here I was prompted to open up to a fellow brother in Christ about something that had been bugging me about my calling.

In that tentative moment of sharing, this likeminded gentleman simply reminded me about what happened to King Saul when he decided to do what he thought was right as opposed to what God had instructed (1 Samuel 15). The result? Rejection from God. So that reprimand got things real, but the icing on the cake was what inspired my post today. My brother in Christ turned on the light in my mind and heart over my calling when he said, "think about all the people you are blocking from reaching their calling from God if you don't pursue yours?" That reality shook me. 

Why are you blocking? There is no answer to that question besides the fact that the battle we are fighting on this earth is real. The foe may be defeated but he doesn't care and will do whatever it takes to stop God's goodness and purpose to be fulfilled in our lives. We are all connected and whether we like it or not what we do is part of a grander plan. Why block each other from glorifying our Creator by not pursuing and fulfilling our calling? I've got work to do and I'm sure after reading this you will agree that you too have work to do. So the challenge going forward is to be the person that opens the door to countless opportunities for others because in doing so you too will experience more opportunities and greater joy. The Bible does say "you reap what you sow,"(Galatians 6:7-9).

There's no rewind and replay button in this life. We only have One Shot. Ask yourself why you are blocking? Make it your mandate to chase after your calling because it is through that true calling that you find purpose, joy and the reason for living.

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