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When "I'M SORRY" isn't enough

Let's face it, saying the words "I'm sorry" is super difficult. To some it holds a special value and is not quickly given. To others it's looked at as a form of admission of guilt. We have struggled in some instances in understanding what an apology looks like to each other, if that makes any sense? What made it even worse was not understanding that an apology does not end at "I'm sorry," there's so much more work that follows which we would like to discuss in this episode of Married! Now What?


  1. What's the best "I'm sorry" you've received from your spouse thus far?

  2. Have you shared that with your spouse?

  3. What's the worst "I'm sorry" you've received?

  4. Have you shared that with your spouse?

#ConnectTime - take some time with your spouse to sit down and talk about the best and worst apology you've received from them. Start with the worst and explain what it made you feel, then talk about the best and how it really showed how apologetic your spouse was to you.

#Tools - When Sorry Isn't Enough - A great read to start understanding what a complete apology looks like.

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