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Updated: Jul 7, 2018

It's not rocket science that marriage is a complicated institution to become a part of. If that isn't the case please help us debunk that! When we started out there were so many things we weren't equipped to understand, not only because we hadn't gone about getting engaged and married the conventional way, as our story will show, but because there are so many moving pieces that come with living with someone with "til death do us part" at the back of your mind.

So we decided to let you in on what we have experienced, learnt, and are still learning by reaching out to those who are married or are thinking about getting married to have dialogue of some key topics that potentially make or break such an important part of life.

We've come to learn that it's not a sprint but quite the marathon that in some instances can leave you breathless for more reasons than we can imagine. Let's explore what the other side looks like when "Married!" and find answers to "Now What?"


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