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What is success really?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

So we grow up being taught all sorts of definitions of success. Some would say success is clearly your bank balance, and others, reaching the pinnacle of your career path. I would contend that success is reaching a point of clarity and understanding that shows you the very reason you are here on earth. 

Success to me is being able to pin point the moment that prompts you to point everything to do with life back to its author and know that only He is the epitome of success. There's nothing on this earth that is achieved without it being allowed by God. I unashamedly profess this because I believe that everything that the Bible articulates is inspired by God, in His sovereignty, for our benefit. I think of Joseph in the book of Genesis and the trajectory his life went. He shared his dream with family, family plotted to kill him because of that dream.

Instead of death he was fortunately sold into slavery, landing him in Egypt. He became a top servant in one of the top officials homes, was accused of raping his boss's wife by the wife and imprisoned. In prison he found favour with the Prison Warden and went up the ranks. He ministered to fellow inmates two of which had been sent to jail by the Pharaoh. One was executed the other was reinstated as a lead servant to Pharaoh which came after Joseph interpreted the servants dreams. Only years later from his reinstatement does this servant remember Joseph notwithstanding that years before, following Joseph's interpretation of the dream, did they agree that he (the servant) would let Pharaoh know about Joseph in hopes of getting Joseph free. 

Joseph may have felt abandoned time and again but what we learn consistently through the story of his life is that he always pointed his successes back to God. When you look at that kind of testimony it is no wonder he became number 2 to Pharaoh. So when it's all said and done success is certainly not your name and title on the door of your corner office or the vehicle parked in your garage. Success is holding steadfast to God and keeping Him at the forefront of your life through Jesus Christ.

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