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The Perfect moment

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

As parents we often want to capture the moment your child smiles the first time, takes their first step, or kisses their infant sibling. The reality on the other hand is that it's such an uphill task that would take so many years, so much so the moment is lost as the child matures. What would I propose? Take the moments that you can and embrace that your little one is growing and won't be so little a few months from now.

As a dad I've come to also realize that life will never be perfect but I'm certain that a perfect God has established the perfect moment for each of us to be exactly where we are. If you asked me 5 years ago whether I would be in this position I would have laughed. But hey, that's God and His perfect moment. Embrace every step of the way with your spouse and capture what you can knowing fully well that tomorrow is not promised but God is perfect. Here's to a great week of God's perfection.

PS - Malakai has mastered the art of the PERFECT photo bomb and Makaila is not too fond of it.

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