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The best ways to utilize your fight

Have you ever come against a really challenging situation? A challenge so complicated that, when you thought you had it all figured out it showed you otherwise? Kinda hammered your confidence didn’t it? Something interesting happened to you in that moment that we thought to bring to your attention. Here’s who we've met through our fights that helps us get up for another round and why you may need to do the same.

1. The challenge will strengthen you

Sometimes the challenges we expect to face are the furthest from reality. Want an example? Ok, how about that day Person X with a premium part of your heart betrayed you? Or when you had been promised that promotion then were hung out to dry? When circumstances like this present themselves we probably search for our comfort zone to hide from this mountain of an obstacle. But what I’ve learnt is that a challenge is an opportunity to grow. Who do you know who has succeeded by just chilling? The devil is a liar! Even Jesus had to face some crazy challenges compared to what we hide from and stayed the course even when the temperature was raised. We hear some of you say, “but guys, that’s Jesus though.” Ok let us bring it closer to home, remember that day you woke up and had to do something you were so afraid to do it gave you anxiety, and you did it anyway? That was you taking that challenge on and getting stronger. Whether you’d do it again or not is up to you but I can confidently say that there’s a muscle called confidence you worked out. You’ve gotta keep fighting your fears to strengthen your confidence. Say hello to "INNER FIGHT."

2. Failing once doesn’t mean it’s over

Tatenda: If you’re anything like me, you tend to give yourself a hard time when you don’t get something or when you fail. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, some of which I struggled to revisit because it was such a mess, but through the failures and forgiving myself I’m alive today to say that for every moment I’ve failed I’ve gained a wealth of wisdom. It’s sucked going through the motions of correction but in hindsight I’m thankful for the lesson of “how not to…” I got to learn and fortunately got up to know that, that wasn’t the end of my story. Imagine how many discoveries we would’ve missed out on if people gave up the moment they failed. Imagine if you gave up on the very thing that you were created for and the impact it would cause to those who are waiting on your contribution to society. Your failures do not define you, they simply add a chapter to your epic story with an epic comeback. You’ve got to keep fighting. Say hello to INNER FIGHT

3. Don’t fall for the easy way out

Tinashe: As seductive as it seems, the easy way out can be the easiest way to regret. I rewind back to an earlier part of my life that saw me build a shed at a local nonprofit organization. In this season I was going through a period where I couldn’t get a job because of circumstances beyond my control and needed to find something to do. The project was going to last a little over 5 days and didn’t seem complicated. What I didn’t know was how difficult it was going to be to set a foundation, build the frame, and then add the fixings. Well the project started and here I was pushing a wheelbarrow from point A-to-B, and digging the trenches for the foundation. Things went to another level when I started having to deal with challenge after challenge through this process. For every bit of progress I thought I made, I only realized how small the impact I had made. I vividly remember almost dropping my tools and walking away on day 4 because this stuff really hurt but I had to encourage myself to keep-on. The project eventually came to an end and I was fortunate enough to get some cash out of it. More importantly I learnt about the fight within me I didn’t think I had.

You’ve got to keep fighting for your mind to comply and your body to follow. If you don’t fight for you who will? Say hello to INNER FIGHT

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