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Thank you or is it tank yooooou...

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Of late we have found ourselves (Tatenda and I) being challenged by Master Kai. It's as if him turning 2 over a month ago wasn't enough. He's totally putting our patience to the test with each toy he decides to throw or each time he turns off the lights midway through chopping veggies in the kitchen, because he's 2. 

What's fascinating about this phase of our lives is that he never ceases to amaze us with the new things he picks up. He has mastered the use of the words Thank You and in some cases doesn't have a clue. Nevertheless we are fortunate enough to have a guy who reminds us to say thank you when he misbehaves. Case in point - Malakai is standing front and centre and extra close to the TV. I want to change the channel but his growing frame is blocking the sensor. So I say "Malakai, please sit down?" I get no active response. "Malakai, can you hear me?" Still nothing. Patience wearing thin, I raise my voice and strengthen the tone "Malakai, sit down!" Malakai proceeds to sit down turns to me and says "Thank you," or more like "Tank Youuuu..." 

I don't know if he is thanking me for my instruction or reminding me to thank him for sitting down. It's like I said, dude has mastered those two words and absolutely has no clue. Tank Youuuu Kai. All things being equal remember to hug your children a little longer each day. Tell them that you love them every moment you can. Don't neglect to take time to just sit and watch them grow, because you and I know tomorrow is not promised and right now will be history in a moment.

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