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One Shot

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

This moment you have is not a rehearsal. You are not looking at a script and practicing your words and actions for the grand show. This is it! When the time expires, what will you think? What will they say about how you took that One Shot? Who does it matter how you took this chance?

These are questions that I have pondered over following an intimate discussion my wife and I had a few days ago. But before I carry on this post is not about basketball. What inspired it was when we took a moment to see how far our son had faired in his 2+ months of life on this earth. We reminisced about our first 2 weeks home with him and how knackered we were, thinking that we would never sleep again, to now where 5 hours of sleep seems to do the trick.

We looked at the changes our son had embraced and those we could not negotiate with him on, (in case you were wondering, negotiation can happen with a 2 month old). This guy does not and will not accept swaddling 📷😂. I digress. The basis of revisiting his growth brought so much joy to our hearts. We quickly realized that life certainly is fragile, short, and we only do get one shot. One shot to acknowledge who the author of it is. One shot to choose whether we choose His team or another. One shot to step back and embrace the beauty around us to enjoy. One shot to love on our spouse, children, family, and friends. It's one shot. There's no do overs in life.

I'm glad I've deliberately taken time away from work to spend time with my wife and child. It is a unique privilege and gift from God to have a wife and a child and I only have one shot to be a father to this young man and husband to my wife respectfully. And so I choose to celebrate them in whatever way I can be it on Facebook, in public, and with them.

As you read this I pray to the Mighty God I serve that you take your “One Shot,” by choosing Christ and choosing to embrace each moment of life by deliberately stopping and looking at the beauty around you and loving each other. Who does it matter how you took this chance? Your life depends on it so it matters to you how you take your “One Shot.”

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