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One Shot + 2

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

On February 7, 2015 I shared about life and how we only have one shot at it. I had questions that had run through my mind and observations on how life had changed since Tatenda and I's son, Malakai had fared in his 2+ months of life. Now that has changed a significant bit because thanks to God he has now seen over 2 years of life. Many changes so far? Absolutely! For all of us? You best believe!!!

We've seen him take from rolling to crawling to walking to talking to ignoring to welcoming. This year the one shot at life had a wonderful new addition that many of you have shared with us in celebrating. We witnessed and embraced a sister addition to Kai's life and a daughter to ours. What's amazing though is the reason I am posting this today. You see, for Makaila to be here is nothing less than a miracle. I say this not because the circumstances leading up to her arrival where unusual but because in her Tatenda and I got to see exactly what God means when He says in the Bible "you have not because you ask not." (James 4:2b).

I remember the day we (Tatenda and I) asked God in detail for a sister for Malakai who we would call Makaila. We just believed that some day we would have a baby girl in the house who would become the princess of this household. Sure enough, that desire was in God's will and He granted us the request. So as I take a moment to rewind I realize that our Father in heaven does not only give us one shot with each second we get to breathe, He also graciously gives us the opportunity to search out His will for our lives by praying to Him and asking for guidance as we navigate life. As He shows us His love through Jesus Christ we begin to see that He has it all mapped out, we just have to embrace the one shot we have in showing Him that we believe His plan for us. 

So I continue as a husband to Tatenda, and dad to Kai and Kay to learn that where we're at is exactly where He wants us to be and where we are going is influenced by the desires He puts in our hearts. The kids are teaching me my weaknesses and helping by testing me often, fortunately I have our Father in heaven to remind me that He knows the big picture. Don't be afraid to ask God what He thinks of the desires in your heart, who knows He may have planted them in there to nudge you towards His promises for you as you take this one shot at life.

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