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Let's Fall, Growth continues...

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

As Makaila grows it's been quite an experience watching her grow a strong affinity for her brother. It's amazing to see how captivated she is to see her brother run around the house discovering life on his level. It's more fascinating to see her engage her brother in a game of cat and mouse where she's the cat. What takes it over the top is when I come to that realization that what seemed like yesterday is time drawing us closer to her first birthday.

If there was anything to be grateful to God for, in that moment, it would be the privilege of time. As a parent, I look at it as an opportunity to witness the goodness of God in His gifts to us, all the while being extended the grace to get life right with Him. Many a time I aim to get things perfect before proceeding to the next as part of my growth and use of time. However it's when I look at the way Kai and Kay approach life that I realize the way to grow is not to sit, walk, climb or run perfectly it's all in realizing that life is not about being perfect but understanding that perfection is not the key but rather living despite mistakes. The best lessons learnt come from mistakes and as the kids discover life under the watchful eye of Tatenda and I we realize that sometimes you've got to let your child fall in order for them to understand how to walk. Step by step they amass the wealth of experience in how not to walk, eventually grasping the concept through the mistakes. Likewise, you and I would do ourselves a great service if we grew to understand that the best lessons are in the attempt to walk and not perfection.

Without God watching us closely and allowing Him to take front and centre, we miss the benefits of His parental presence moving dangers that would cause more pain if not moved out of the way when we fall. Without taking the steps to walk we will never know what that looks like. Which leaves me to say moms, dads, brothers, sisters don't be afraid to grow, take time to observe the kids as they remind you and I what that looks like.


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