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What happened to my dream? I thought it was almost inevitable that I was going to make it, and make it big. I could see it ever so clearly. Being an executive that inspires others to do amazing things for this vision I had for my organization. As I rewind and replay the experiences that I can remember leading up to this point, I can honestly say - I don't know what happened to my dream, but I can unpack pivotal lessons that have led me to where I am today. Here's what I've learnt about dreams:

They are figments of our imagination - Don't take this negatively it's simply the truth and a reality I had to come to terms with. What you and I dream about does not automatically come to pass. A dream has got to be followed by action that puts the build in motion. When I think about the baby steps I managed to take towards my imagination only then did I start seeing it become a reality. Case in point, this blog that you are reading is a figment of my imagination that I hoped for years ago and started working on bit by bit. I saw the big picture but had to act on it for it to be realized. The gap between imagination and reality is action. The process carries on.

" may suck to go through the resistance, but the experience serves as a wake up call for you"

Can be nightmares -  Like falling to your death in your sleep, it can feel like a helpless and inevitable doom, and then you wake up. You may be in a cold sweat, but you woke up. Dreams will seem perfect and fulfilling until the first bit of resistance hits, then the second, third, get where I'm going with this. There comes a point where the dream changes its appeal, from thrilling to horror. What I've learnt is that though it may suck to go through the resistance the experience serves as a wake up call for you. Reaching the destination that is your dream is not going to be easy, no dream ever was. Think about it this way, if fulfilling dreams was easy everyone would be doing it. It's a matter of perspective and willingness to keep going.

"...sometimes dreams need to be filtered through the sieve of trial"

The destination may be beautiful but the journey is most important - When I think back to my dream of marriage, the road that brought me to my wife, and the journey we're on, WOW! Neither one of us would've thought we would be together back then and yet here we are. Some of my experiences leading up to her were tumultuous and gut wrenching to say the least but we found each other. The same applies to your dream. You will experience difficult times through the process but sometimes dreams need to be filtered through the sieve of trial in order for them to grow in beauty.For those who are thinking about chasing that dream, I say do it! You're better off trying than forever wondering what would have happened had it...? As for me, I'm still on the road to clarity.


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