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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

So I'm quite the day dreamer. I like to look into the future and imagine what things will be like in the most positive of ways. But what do you do when things get testy in life? I was revisiting the story of Joseph because he's a dreamer I'm particularly fond of. While reading through his story I came to the realization that his dreams are what caused him, what I presume was, the deepest pain and yet it was dreams that got him to his destiny. Bringing it home I thought about the day dreams I've had in the past and what came of those. The light-bulb moment hit because I too dreamt of certain chapters in my life and have turned the pages through pain and now great joy that my dream was not a figment of my imagination but a direction to destiny. I've come to realize that the cycle reigns true in my life especially in things that God speaks to me about in private and in silence.

So as you read this keep dreaming my friend. Joseph's dream may have been what got him sold into slavery but it was a matured understanding of dreams, in the form of God's gift of dream interpretation, that made his dream come true. So keep dreaming even when people hate you for it. Keep dreaming because God uses the very thing that seems most painful at first to direct you towards your purpose.

Take some time to think about your past dreams and where you are, you may find a pattern that will direct you where you need to go.

Inspired by Genesis 37 - 41 #TheRoadToClarity

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