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Chuuch! - When you DECIDE

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

So often something happens in our lives that either impacts us for the better or we think it's for the worst. This week I got #chuuched over the power of decision. Yup, we make decisions everyday. You are making the decision to read this right now, you made the decision to sleep in or eat that food that they say isn't too good for you. About that food though, if God said it was good when He created it why can't I eat it? That's for another day! Rant Over.

How did I get #chuuched ? There's this guy we learn about in the Bible named Esau who many of us have learnt to have been the guy that missed out on his blessing because he sold his birthright to his little brother for food and then got duped from his blessing by the same dude + his mom. It seems to be over right? WRONG! If you've got some time let's go to CHUUCH together in this sermon, I'm certain you will be checking some boxes on what this dude preaches. #LetsGo2Church

My 8 Chuuch Points - Gen. 27: 37-40

1. There's nothing worse than doing what you're supposed to do and then you don't get what you're supposed to get. It's so annoying!!!

2. You could have the blessing of God on your life and still walk in the bondage of the yoke and not even know it. God is for me, if He doesn't do anything else He has already done enough.

3. When you can embrace the thing that hurt you it's a good indication that the yoke is no longer on you. When you're ready your bondage gotta let you go. Someone else's blessing doesn't have to be your curse.

4. We will always have an opportunity to DECIDE whether we receive the blessing God gives us or not. Shake the yoke off your neck!

5. Don't let the advancement of others determine the level you are going to get. You are in your own lane by God's plan and His blessing for you, will you take that or let someone else's blessing be your curse because of comparison? When you DECIDE to break free you don't have to be the tail you can be the head.

6. The reason why you aren't there is because you aren't ready to be there. God likes to use dead things - (dead to criticism, dead to judgement, dead to self - then you will get your elevation).

7. Just because someone else has it, it doesn't mean you won't. You don't need the validation of someone else be the person God made you to be. If you're going to break out you've got to look in. You are created for God's business.

8. If you don't deal with it, it will deal with you. You are everything you need to be whether someone says anything or not. You are complete in Jesus Christ. You don't need somebody to validate who you are. God's word proves true. The only thing that needs to change is YOUR DECISION. The moment you DECIDE it has to change. 

Now That's CHUUCH!

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