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Ask Ta&Ti: About Last Night

The event was like any other until he walked my way. I hadn't noticed him at all but for some reason I felt I had caught someone's attention. On this particular night I had decided to go into straight up #SLAYMODE and the compliments had come in fast and furious (unfazed).

So the evening is going along great, my girlfriends and I are having a good time networking with some of the people in the room then for a second my eyes lock with this handsome and well dressed guy. Yes it took me a second to asssess the situation. For some reason my heart skips a beat. It's never happened before but there's something about this guy that's intriguing. Before the night is over we've exchanged numbers.

I wake up the following morning and there in my inbox is a message - "Good-morning." Again my heart skips a beat, now what? He seems sincere, he seems to have all the qualities I hope for, should I give him a shot? He makes me laugh, he makes you feel like I'm the only one in the room, if last night is anything to go by. Should I be looking for red flags off the bat?

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