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A Mother's Love

I watched her as she patiently awaited his arrival, nervous yet joyful.  I watched her take each step towards that special moment, when what was within could be held in her arms.  I watched her fight through the pain and yet through it she became.  I watched her hear him cry, at that moment began a mother's love.

I watched her climb into bed in discomfort, the journey had been but a few months.  I watched her endure again what I couldn't ever do, not now not even once.  I watched her hear that she would be on the way, what joy it brought to her heart.  I watched her yet again fight through the pain and again I learnt a mother's love.

I've watched her day after day, doing what many cannot do. I've watched her yesterday and today, being that comfort so true. I've watched her endure challenges, through the good times and the bad times I've stopped watching now because a mother's love needs a helping hand.

Sometimes I may feel exhausted in the hustle of each day especially when I get home to a house I know Tatenda has worked hard to bring back to order. Yes, the kids would've turned it upside down and time wouldn't have allowed her to put things in the way she would prefer. Well reality is that when your little ones are not the "clean-up after themselves" stage you are better off learning that kids will be kids, yet as a husband it's important to be sensitive to what it means to your wife. You see, it's highly important for us as men to start pulling our weight around the house. It's not right to leave your significant other drowning in the complexity that is growing toddlers. We've got to help out because parenting requires mom and dad's input in order for a mother's love to be experienced and for a house to become a home.

It's not fair to expect her to do back braking work while you and I chill on the couch and watch TV. Sometimes picking up the toys, doing laundry or cooking dinner may go a long way in not only nurturing a mother's love but also connecting with your person. To all my fellow husbands out there, let's help our wives grow their love for our children and us. Let's nurture a mother's love...


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